The Program


Our studio offers professional private, one-on-one lessons to students once per week. In addition, there will be two group lessons every month. Students are placed in group lesson based on his/her level in the Suzuki repetoire. A typical lesson includes instruction on music theory, musicianship, violin playing, and performance etiquette. A parent teacher conference will conclude every lesson.

Younger beginning students (ages 3-5) start with a homemade box violin and real violin bow fitted to their size. This is due to the following main reasons:

1) Students learn proper posture for holding the violin under the chin. The real violin is heavier (therefore more difficult to hold) and more expensive than a box.

2) Students learn how to have a proper bow hold from the very beginning. This is one of the hardest abilities to learn correctly.

3) Students' are able to develop a straight bow arm from playing on the box.

Older students start by playing with the bow on the strings of a real violin. The first song all students will learn is the Twinkle Variations and Theme. This can be expected to take between 4 months to one year, depending on the age, amount of practice, listening time, and past experiences of the student.

Parents of beginners should read this article on the Suzuki Twinkler.

All parents are recommended to read "To Learn With Love: A Companion For Suzuki Parents" by William and Constance Starr. This details the philosophy and explains how the Suzuki Method is used not only to learn the violin, but essentially as a way of life.

You are welcome to come in for a first meet/trial lesson!