Suzuki Parent

As a Suzuki Parent, your role is to be the best "home teacher" you can be. This means helping your child practice violin 7 days of the week, attending lessons and taking notes and/or videos, putting on the Suzuki CD at home for them to listen, attending parent lessons (if your child is a beginner), and understanding that mastery of small steps is more beneficial in the long run than advancing rapidly at a mediocre level. All lessons are conveniently located in the Houston area! 

Ten Commandments of Suzuki Parents

1)  Thou shalt offer loving encouragement to they child
2)  Thou shalt find something good in every attempt
3)  Thou shalt not compare thy child with other children
4)  Thou shalt communicate successes, failures, and frustrations with thy teachers
5)  Thou shalt not visit with other parents during childrens' lessons
6)  Thou shalt be content with each step forward
7)  Thou shalt be understanding when they child wishes to watch rather than participate
8)  Thou shalt approach daily practice sessions with enthusiasm
9)  Thou shalt not compare other children with they child
10)  Thou shalt LOVE listening to "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"